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How Do You Reset A Frozen Acer Laptop

by Acer Support

Posted on August 24, 2018 at 10:50 AM

A frozen Acer laptop may irritate anyone but there is no benefit of cursing to the system as there is a solution to every problem. When we daily work on the system it’s normal to face such issues. But, do you know what causes a laptop to freeze, and what needs to be done at that point? Keep calm and relax, here are the steps to reset a frozen Acer laptop. Let’s begin with the solution.


  • The very first step is to close the offending software. If there is only one program which is creating an issue then it might be difficult to close it by just clicking on the X in the corner. Try it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys through the task manager window. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys.
  • If this doesn’t resolve your problem the, it’s times to perform a hard reset. Press and hold the power button for few seconds longer than usual. Wait till it shuts down. If this doesn’t work out, then you may need to disconnect the AC connection and remove the battery.
  • Check the temperature of the laptop. Also, inspect the inner vents if they were creating the problem. Remove the dust if present on the vents. Do it with the help of compressed air.
  • Check other parts as there may be broken cooling fan or a heat sink that needs to be repaired.
  • Wait some minutes to let the PC takes it times to get normal. Sometimes, it may look frozen but actually it is working slowly to process a multiple tasks.

If none of the above options work out then, take your PC to the professionals or just call Acer Customer service for an instant help. We are always here to help our customers in the needful time. If you hesitate to talk on a call, no worries, as we have Live Chat tool on our website through which users can chat with our live agents who will answer you instantly.

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